Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little One With Nature

These parents wanted their little one to be one with nature! Their nursery theme was wildlife and the hues were warm and earthy. The perfect cozy colors. They liked a room I had done in the past that used the silhouette of trees. So, we incorporated the leaf pattern from their baby bedding into the mural to make sure everything was cohesive. The mural was a surprise, courtesy of Grandma, so I had to sketch out the image and paint in 7 hours! I would say the mural was a wild success.


  1. Hi Lisa, I'm not sure how I ended up being sent your blog, I don't think I've met you, and I rarely, rarely comment, but your work is just terrific. Tasteful, whimsical, original, and multi-genre to boot. Wow.
    Thanks and good luck with everything.
    Nancy Borris

  2. Nancy,
    What a lovely way to finish up my day. Thank you for your kind words and for the encouragement. I appreciate it very much. - Lisa