Thursday, February 25, 2010


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I designed the flowers and supplied the wedding accents for my good friends Mark and Amelia in New York. Style me pretty hilited the wedding on their website with a story and photo gallery by Rebecca at Docuvitae LLC. A little pat on the back never hurts. However; I have to say that making the handsome Mark, the timeless Amelia and Montauk look good was not too hard. Thank you to Kim, Becca, Alysha, Jake, and Debbie for all of their help in getting this wedding tipped off on time. Wedding Photography by Rebecca/Docuvitae LLC

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Above Wedding photography courtesy of Rebecca/Docuvitae LLC. Visit

Let's talk about tents. I absolutely love them. For me, their shape exudes romance and elegance. Here in Texas, you only have a handful of months to utilize them, but Fall, Winter and Spring Brides should not shun them. With space heaters and even portable air conditioners, a wedding can be comfortable or cozy in any weather condition. If you find a quaint little estate, Victorian home or family farm house, don't be afraid to tent the lawn and allow your guests to experience the location you fell in love with. Paper parasols help guest slip out of the sun or dodge the drops. They are also an easy way to hilite your wedding colors. Above are a few weddings I have worked, that have had the treat of using tents!


I finally got around to posting a number of my cakes that I have designed and executed. I hope you enjoy them!